The Kelly Twins dueling pianos show found it's beginning in the beautiful town of Chico, CA back in 2008 at a restaurant/bar called 33 Steaks, Booze and Jazz.  Identical twins Jon and Chris Kelly were approached by the owner of the establishment after an impromptu performance with a local jazz combo at the restaurant, where Jon was bussing tables.  They hit the ground running with a weekly show and by the following year were playing downtown twice a week to packed houses.  In the spring of 2009, Jon graduated with his BA in Musical Theatre from CSU Chico, and the boys parted ways to pursue their own adventures.

Jon, the elder of the duo by 10 minutes and subsequently full of wisdom and eloquence, hopped on a plane bound for NYC after graduation.  After settling in Spanish Harlem, he spent the next 3 months spending most of his money in the city before he found his way into the audition world and booked his first regional theatre contract at The Allenberry Playhouse in PA.  He spent 6 months there performing in 5 different shows before returning to NYC.  The next several years were spent in and out of the city, including contracts at sea, an off broadway cabaret with his amazing friends from The Foxwoods Theatre (now back to it's original Lyric Theatre title), and a year of acting studies at The Meisner Studio.  He eventually made his way back to the west coast where he reunited with Chris to play the piano show "full time".       
Chris, the younger of the duo by 10 minutes and subsequently full of adventure and endlesss optimism, turned a van named Carl into a quaint abode with his buddy and fellow singer/songwriter Tyler Matthew Smith and hit the highway to play original music up and down the west coast.  The acoustic duo spent the next year or so logging miles and playing shows, with some time off to record several albums, the second of which will be released later this year.  After life on the road wrapped up, Chris relocated to the Santa Cruz area and started his own weekly solo piano/guitar show.  After developing a strong following of his own, he was joined once again by Jon and the dueling pianos show was re-established.

The Kelly Twins have been playing music together their entire lives, and are grateful for the opportunities they have had to share it with their amazing supporters, both new and old (Theresa).  They now keep busy with both residency bar and casino shows, as well as private events ranging from company holiday parties to birthday bashes.

Check out the calendar for the next shot at seeing the boys in action!  For more information, make your way to the "Keep in Touch" page or shoot an email to [email protected]